There are four fencing pillars to grow as a fencer:-

1. Group classes

2. Bouting with your friends to practice 

3. Private lessons 

4. Competition experience

Group classes can offer basic training and skill acquisition.  The next stage for some fencers is to invest in individual lessons.

Bouting practice is an important part of learning.  Theses fights should be about learning how to perfect actions in battle.  Focus less on winning and more on are you able to execute your planned move correclty.

The aim of individual lessons at this level is to deliver concentrated one on one session time to teach and give feedback on the fundamental skills.  Sessions are repetitive on skills, tactics & strategy until they become second nature.

Lessons should initially be short, and then grow in duration and frequency as the fencers skills, strength, stamina and interest grows. Many times, early on, just one or two lessons to fix techniques are needed then as you become more competative, you can increase the frequency / difficulty of lessons.

Lesson duration: minimum 10 min up to 1 hour

Costs: This varies with duration, the complexity of the lesson and the experience of the coach.

Swords has several epee coaches that you can book for individual lessons.  

They are listed below.

Students can change coaches.  Look for the best fit and remember that each coach brings a different viewpoint to teach.  The recommendation would be to work with a single coach for at least a term.

All coaches are police checked.