We recently became members of the Global Fencing Network.

We welcome any and all international fencing visitors be they fencers or coaches.

The whole idea is to promote the sport of fencing through collaboration and exchange of ideas between fencing clubs, and to increase the perceived value of a fencing club membership by connecting hundreds of clubs around the world where individuals can fence at no extra cost.

Every club of the network has a designated schedule for open fencing in a particular weapon. Here you will be able to search for a club and contact them to let them know when you are visiting. You can fence there for up to 2 weeks free of charge. The only pre-requitise is that you need to be an active member of another club in the network that is at least 250 km or 150 miles away from your home club. Some clubs may require you to sign a liability waiver, show a valid fencing license or proof of insurance.

Global Fencing Site